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Casino Players fall into the trap and believe that playing the slot machine only to do with luck and although luck plays quite a big role in a successful slot machine game there are some strategies that can increase your account and your chance big profits. First, it is very important to understand what kind of slot game you play, if slot machine with three or five rolls if progressive slot or one of the newest bonus schemes, where some cylinders combinations trigger a bonus round or free spins.

While looking at the audit reports of each slot, each has its own rate of return, the way they work is different and you will need to adjust your game accordingly. The golden rule regarding progressive slot machines is to play the maximum coins, eg do not play with two coins if the jackpot is triggered three coins. Sounds strange? Well, believe that they have heard many times my ears, "I played only with a drive to raise a little money, he never thought to hit the jackpot." Imagine losing a million for an extra coin, it is a pity !

If you play a machine that does not offer a progressive jackpot, it is not so important to play your maximum bet if money is limited, although it is always the best strategy. If you take a look at the performance tables then you will find that they give great advantage to bet with maximum coins. For example, you read that slot with a maximum of three coins the return for two coins of 20 and 40 for three coins, instead of 30 you would expect, which in just a few spins can give higher return on your investment. If your funds are limited, then in any case it is better to bet the maximum bet on a smaller number of coin machine despite the same number of coins more demanding machine. Over time the maximum bet will return more money.

In recent years appeared a new kind of slots in online casinos - slots bonuses that offer free spins, bonus games and even more choice in number of free spins combined with multipliers. Slots bonus offer largely entertainment, but on the strategy is unpredictable. An effective bonus game can give you a few hundred coins - even a few thousand dollars a few seconds, but can be large and drought until your next win. Players often complain that the slots bonus "eat" fast money and this may also be true - but if a profitable game in the bonus game can increase your money is always a significant risk.

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