Playtech Casinos

Playtech was founded in late 1999 and since then is one of the leading online gaming companies cadastre pastries for online casino. Besides the famous classic slot machines, the company operates and the implementation of other games such as poker, bingo, scratch cards and many many mobile games and live games. In 2006 the company made a huge step in the gigantism of opening the share capital and allowing the whole world to buy shares.

So in a few years he managed to transform from a mediocre software company one of the giants of space. The credibility of the company as well as highlighting the direct soared to exceptional levels, with the multitude of players can now recognize as the leading producer of online slots and more.

Playtech is as mentioned above offers a variety of games with the most famous on "these are some of the most important slots issued to the space. The Playtech besides modern slot machines, has collection of more than 200 titles are even available in 30 different languages. One of the features that make it stand out is the diathesis motet live games as well as many mobile application which of course you can enjoy from anywhere, even when not in possession of a computer.

Playtech has become particularly famous in the ranks of more nerd players thanks to the agreement has done with Marvel. He then released in recent years too many slots with comic themes and many famous superheroes including the Hulk, the Daredevil, but the Batman and Iron Man and the Fantastic Four. The slots of Marvel have a common progressive jackpot running simultaneously for all and splits at times huge amounts. Most however Progressive Jackpot has been the Beach Life with the biggest win to exceed 6.2 million €.

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