Video Poker

Indeed, this game was created before the first slot machines Fey, but with the trend of recent, players focused on them. It was only in the 1970s that video poker came back up to date. A company tried to revive but without success. Some years later, another company this time had the foresight to incorporate the new technologies of the time such as video screens, automation, etc., made a fortune video poker because players were mad . Still today, this gaming machine is widely played. And it is probably for this reason that game developers spend so much time on video poker. Lucky for us, is that these days, we can have fun on a lot of variations.

In this article, we will present the variants that are most popular with players. You choose one that attracts you the most and why not try them all. It's the easiest to play version because the minimum combination that required to enter the table of gays is not very strong, a simple pair of 10 is sufficient. It is true that the gains are not huge if you do not build better but it's an interesting variant to begin adopting and reflexes.

Here is the variant most represented in online casinos and even in land casinos. This is what the players also prefer that, apparently, is the one that brings in the most or at least that has a higher payout. Often when you see playing in an article on the topic of video poker is the case for us, it's Jack or Better, which is taken as a reference.

This version looks a bit like the previous one except that it's the wild card that is inserted in the game. It is unique, so it's a little less common in the shoot. It is also for this reason that the minimum combination is a pair of kings. This variation highlights the figures. Called "figure" the King cards, lady and man. If you make combinations with these cards, then you can get a higher salary. You can read about the bonus pay table, you ca will put priority on the cards you want to keep.

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