Playing Online Slot Machine

In slots you can play for free or real money. The game starts when you insert money (real or virtual credits). Then pressing the start button, or by downloading the driver start the reels with the various symbols to rotate. These symbols are different in each slot, but usually have bright colors and characteristic shapes like fruits, letters, numbers, bells, diamonds, hearts, pictures of heroes comics, famous actors, singers and others.

In classical form, the slots 3-reel, you win if you are in the same line and the 3 identical symbols when the rotation stops. But there are several variations and combinations which you should know. Line is the way they combine the symbols to bring us profit. In its simplest form slots there is a horizontal center pay line (pictured above) and you win if display 3 identical symbols. In video slots and 3D Slots can find up to 50 lines! For each additional line you add the cost of the game increases, as of course the chances to win.

Most slot machines have a little buttons that acts as a multiplier of the bet wagered every time. This corresponds to a factor of the basic bet. For example if you bet on slot 1 euro per game can have three multipliers (x3, x5, x10). These correspond to stake 3, 5 and 10 euros respectively in a spin. Of course a first thought multipliers to your slots help to wager more money in less time. However, most slot machines today offer a special bonus when you play with the greatest multiplier. Specifically if you read the pay table are very likely to see that if you play with the greatest multiplier and achieve a particular combination you win much more money than the correlation that should earn based payments without the bonus. Casinos use these bonus mainly for large progressive jackpots.

In contrast with the past and the "bad" reputation were terrestrial slots in cafes and clubs, slot machines in internet casino is 100% safe , as long as they play at reputable companies. All games are provided by leading providers in the area such as Intent, Micrograming, Novocain, Aristocrat etc. which have a turnover of hundreds of millions and are listed on European stock exchanges. Simply put the companies you play casino "rent" the platform giants from third companies. The casino software is tested by leading independent players committees, companies and experts such as echogram to ensure that the results obtained are completely random basis of generator random number generator (RANG) .

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